SNJ editor Sue Smith is getting into shape for an adventurous holiday.

I STARTED swimmingly with my new eating plan drawn up by my personal trainer Matt Collins from Fifth Dimension Health Club.
I managed to get myself organised with the right shopping so no temptation.
But if there is one sure way to make yourself the belle of the ball and a must on everyone’s social calendar it must surely be to start a healthy eating plan.
Breakfast went well, by lunch I was rocking it but come the evening towards the end of last week and you could be forgiven for thinking the whole of Gloucestershire was having a non-stop party and I had an invitation to attend.
I have already managed an early morning swim this week and will be seeing Matt as the sun comes up before the week is out for some one to one exercise which is a benefit.
My super fit son asked how my regime was shaping up and it did occur to me that perhaps I should have stuck with internet scrabble we are currently playing across the hemispheres.