MEMBERS of the public have been invited to the first public meeting of the Stroud Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan on Saturday.

The town council is welcoming people to the first Public Meeting, Lansdown Hall on Saturday at both 2pm and 3.30pm.

The purpose of the afternoon is to spread the word about the likely scope of the plan and the community process needed to create it.

People with knowledge, skills and a real interest in the future of Stroud will be invited to join as active volunteers.

There are a range of topic groups already under consideration listed below: Stroud town centre has a unique character which is changing fast as shops are closing, but social and cultural activities are flourishing.

There are vacant and underused sites and retail units and potential for more housing.

Areas around Cheapside and the railway are very poorly connected by foot and pedal.

The progressive reopening of the canal offers huge opportunities for the future.

The doubling of the railway line to Swindon will also affect the town.

The Neighbourhood Plan is intended to address all these issues, and give much greater influence to Stroud Town Council, working with SDC, to make positive changes.