GLOUCESTERSHIRE Police are urging the public to be extra vigilant following a spate of thefts from vehicles recently.

Gloucester has experienced 27 offences of theft from motor vehicles in the last week alone.

Many of these offences have happened overnight, often in the Hempsted and Abbeymead areas.

Dave McFarlane, Senior Harm Reduction Advisor at Gloucestershire Police, said: “It’s vital people lock vehicle doors at all times and ensure during the hot weather that windows and sun roofs are fully closed when parked.

“They also need to remove all valuables from vehicles such as cash, bank cards, keys and mobile phones when parked, especially on the street or on driveways. If you have to leave them in the vehicle, make sure they are out of sight.

“If possible, try to park in a conspicuous place or if at night, close to bright street lights.

“Also remember to remove Satnav stickers, and even the impression left where a sticker once was – these things are a give-away for car thieves.”

The community are urged to report any suspicious activity on 999 if they see a crime in progress or suspect one.

You can also provide information anonymously by contacting the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via and you may receive a reward if someone is arrested and charged.