CHELTENHAM police are joining staff from NatWest to warn people about the latest scams criminals are using to trick customers out of their money.

Officers will have their own desk at NatWest's High Street branch from 10.30am next Monday, July 28 and will be offering security advice specifically relating to crimes that target bank customers over the phone, online and at cashpoints.

In recent months, thieves using card trapping devices and distraction techniques have stolen thousands of pounds from people withdrawing money from cash machines.

Others have been defrauded out of savings by offenders impersonating bank staff and police officers and ringing members of the public to tell them their debit card has been cloned.

Crime Reduction Advisor Kim Mowday said: "NatWest should be applauded for being the first bank in the county to invite us in to one of their branches to talk to customers and warn them of the various criminal enterprises out there at the moment.

"These scams are often very devious and frequently target elderly and vulnerable customers so it's important we get the message to those people and make sure they are alert and know what they might encounter.

"One piece of advice people should always remember is that banks will NEVER contact you and ask for your personal details, whether that's over the phone or via email.

"If you get a phone call like this hang up, even disconnect the phone before ringing 101 and reporting the incident.

"If you get an email, simply dump it in your junk mail."

Lemara Hibbert, CEO for NatWest in Cheltenham and Gloucester, said: "This is the first of many events that NatWest have joined forces with the police in our local communities to support and educate our customers not to become victims of fraud .

"At NatWest, we feel it's our responsibility to support and protect our customers against these frauds happening."

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