CONCERNS have been raised about plans to build two dozen houses in a Horsley hamlet – which would double housing figures.
More than 100 public comments have been submitted in relation to the planning application for 24 homes at Nupend Farm in Horsley.
When the farm was sold last year it ended three generations of farming there by the Cox family and now residents fear this planned housing estate will completely change the setting of their village.
Horsley Parish Council chairman Allan Caudwell is just one of the voices raising concerns about how the increase in housing numbers would affect the village as a whole.
“Currently there are only 18 homes in Nupend and this proposal will see the number of homes increase by 115 per cent,” said Mr Caudwell.
“Horsley as a whole is quite thinly spread out and this application, if approved, would completely change the character of the village.”
Concerns have also been raised by residents about increased traffic congestion, extra pressure on the school and also the fact that the development is outside the village ‘enevelope’ and also that it is in an area of outstanding natural beauty.
In its application, Hunter Page said the application should be looked at favourably because Stroud District Council cannot demonstrate a five-year land supply for new homes.
It’s planning statement claims that the ‘application has been submitted at a time when the council acknowledges that it does not have an up-to-date development plan and is unable to demonstrate a five-year-supply of deliverable housing land’.
The application has been called-in to the development control committee however a date has not yet been set as to when it will be heard.
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