BISLEY photographer Pam Langrish stepped in for her husband at an international sports event at the weekend and walked away with a top award.
Pam, who usually takes pictures of dogs had gone to the eventing show at Badminton at the weekend instead of her husband, Bob, a well-known equestrian sport photographer as he couldn't make the event.
Pam took her spontaneous snapshot of a horse being ridden by Andrew Nicholson with a small fluffy dog speeding past.
The photo won her a place on the winners' rostrum and she was awarded the coveted Silver Camera Award for best international equestrian sport photo.
Eventer Andrew Nicholson almost goes unnoticed on the photo.
"I sent my wife off to take a photo of a horse and she comes back with one of a dog," said Bob.
However the photo certainly paid off as Pam received prize-money to the value of 2,500 Euros.