A HEAVY drinking dad turned a blind eye to the cannabis dealing business his teenage son ran from their Stonehouse home, a court heard on Tuesday.
Kane Jenkinson, 19, kept his stock of drugs and dealing equipment such as scales in a shoebox in his bedroom in Severn Road, Stonehouse, Gloucester Crown Court was told.
His dad Robin, 48, knew Kane was dealing but did nothing to stop him, the court heard.
Prosecutor Paul Cook said police raided the flat on August 23 last year and found the box containing ‘a significant quantity’ of herbal cannabis and £400.
Kane’s mobile phones had messages on them which confirmed he was a dealer. He was candid with police and admitted he would have sold the two grams of cannabis they found.
Kane, now 20 and of The Bassets, Cashes Green, Stroud pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply and his father, still of Severn Road, Stonehouse, admitted being concerned in supply.
Mr Cook said Kane had no previous criminal convictions but his father did, dating back to 1983. In 2010 a police search of his home had found 10 cannabis plants growing.
Lloyd Jenkins, for Kane, said the cannabis enterprise was born out of financial need.
“It was desperate measures for desperate times,” he said. “He was clearly motivated by financial need. He was trying to support his father and saw this as a quick temporary measure,
“He had been living with his father for two years. It was a negative environment and unfortunately he made a bad choice in order to help his dad.”