RESEARCH into farmers’ attitudes towards the control of bovine TB has been presented to DEFRA by students from the Royal Agricultural University.

Students Jacquetta Whyatt Watts, Chelsea Hayward and Camilla Shipley accompanied Dr Rhiannon Naylor to Nobel House in Westminster on Wednesday, July 16 to present their dissertation research to DEFRA policy makers.

Policy makers listened and asked questions about the research relating to badger vaccination, risk-based trading and bTB control strategy in lower disease risk areas.

Dr Rhiannon Naylor, a lecturer in Rural Land Use and Management at the RAU and social research fellow at Defra said: “This was an excellent opportunity for the students to share their research. It was great to see knowledge exchange between the University and Defra and we hope to continue this in future.”

Chelsea Hayward said: “We had a great day at Nobel House. It was great to see that Defra was interested in what we had found from our dissertations. It was a fantastic opportunity for which we are very grateful.”