POLICE have secured a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (CRASBO) against a man that bans him from virtually every bar and restaurant in the county.

Paul Gordon Miles, 41 and of Willowleaze in Longlevens, was convicted at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Monday July 28) of obtaining services dishonestly after ordering food and drink from a pub in Kingsway without the funds to pay.

He also asked for an identical incident at the same pub earlier this year to be taken into consideration.

At the time of Sunday's offence, Miles was serving a suspended sentence for similar offences but police argued at court against a prison sentence on the grounds they had not been effective in stopping him on release.

Instead they requested and were granted the order, barring him from all but the Double Gloucester pub on Cheltenham Road for the next three years.

Acting Inspector Richard Bruce said: "Miles has done this on numerous occasions - typically ordering a £30 or £40 meal and drinks and then revealing he doesn't have any money.

"This latest incident even saw him asking other customers if they would like him to open a tab on their behalf and then offering to take their money to pay off the bill.

"It's unacceptable and very distressing to the businesses who he targets.

"However, what is clear is that prison hasn't deterred him in the past, which is why we wanted this CRASBO. We’re hoping it will be a better way of stopping him acting in this brazen way. From now on if he legitimately wants a drink he can only visit his local pub, where the landlord is now aware of his past activity.

"To aid the CRASBO we are issuing Miles’ photo so that business owners are aware of what he looks like and can call us if he enters their premises.

"If you believe Miles is breaching the CRASBO please call our officers immediately. People should be aware he has links to Gloucester, Cheltenham and Coleford, so please be alert.

"Pubs on our Pubwatch schemes are being informed but the publicity will hopefully reach all the pubs and restaurants we don't have contact with.”

As well as the CRASBO Miles was sentenced to over £100 in fines and court costs that he will have to pay off in installments.