BONO has finally found what he's looking for with his second wife in Stroud.

No we are not talking about the famous lead singer of U2 but Bono the rabbit who is living happily with his foster mum Lyndsey Barnett and his new wife Skittle.

Apart from his name Bono doesn't have much in common with his famous counterpart.

Instead of living a life of unimaginable luxury and being feted across the world - this little rabbit's story is much sadder.

Bono has been in the care of RSPCA South Cotswolds since September 2012 when he, and his first wife Esmerelda, were handed over as his owners were moving home and couldn't take pets with them.

Luckily the charity was able to find them a temporary home with foster carer's Lyndsey and Mark Barnett, who took both of them in.

Sadly Esmerelda passed away and Bono was left alone - however the Barnett's took in stray rabbit Skittle and according to Lyndsey the two hit it off straight away and have been inseparable ever since.

"To give their story a real 'happy ever after' would be for them to find a loving family to take them in and care for them for the rest of their days," said Lyndsey.

If you are interested in Bono and Skittle call Nicola on 07772737503.