AROUND eighty people of all ages, religions and political persuasions joined together to show solidarity with the suffering of the people in Gaza and to call for both sides to respect international humanitarian law and start talking rather than fighting.

The Saturday vigil was called by Stroud Peace Movement and was supported by many other organisations. A collection was made for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

One of the joint organisers, Martin Whiteside, said: “The suffering of innocent civilians just has to stop.”

Another vigil will be held in the high street again next Saturday, August 2, from 12-1pm. Please bring bring placards expressing your views.

For details, contact John Marjoram 01453 750962 or Carole Oosthuysen 01453 872446.

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has expressed her deep disappointment at the outcome of a European Parliamentary resolution on the conflict, which was not supported by any of England’s three Green MEPs.

The final resolution did not contain key demands put forward by the Green Group.

She said: “We need a far stronger message to come out of the Parliament which condemns unequivocally all violence, international human rights violations and breaches of humanitarian law.”

A resolution jointly put forward by four of the largest groups was eventually adopted.