A REMARKABLE battle between a snake and a frog was caught in a series of pictures by a golfer at Thornbury Golf Centre.

The scene, something scarcely seen outside of a nature documentary took place in the middle of the green on Tuesday, July 22.

Thornbury Golf Club Seniors captain Lindsey Henniker-Heaton, from Winterbourne, was playing in a match when fellow member Philip McMenamin rushed up to him from a neighbouring green to let him know about unfolding events.

The sequence of photos were taken by Mr Henniker-Heaton, 68, who captured the moment a grass snake was in the middle of the 17th green with its jaws around a half swallowed frog.

He said: “I was playing a pairs match against Bristol Golf Club on the 10th hole and Philip was playing on the 17th when he came running over because he knew I had a camera.

“The frog looked dormant and Philip thought it may be dead but then I saw its throat move.”

However the snake’s eyes were bigger than its stomach as the frog managed to escape the grasp of the snake.

Mr Henniker-Heaton added: “I think because we were around either the frog started to struggle and managed to escape or the snake was a bit worried by our presence.”

The defeated snake then slithered off into the long grass whilst the frog was moved well away from the snake.