July 23 – Presentation of the Austro-Hungarian Note to Serbia, which was given 48 hours in which to reply.

July 24 – Russian Cabinet Council held the Austro-Hungarian demands considered an indirect challenge to Russia.

July 25 – Serbian answer considered unsatisfactory by Austria-Hungary. The Austro-Hungarian Minister, with the legate staff, leaves Belgrade.

July 27 – Sir Edward Grey announces in the House of Commons his proposals for a conference of Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain. Acceptance of proposals by France and Italy.

July 28 – War declared by Austria-Hungary, Serbian vessels seized on the Danube.

July 30 – Partial mobilisation of Russian Army. War Council in Berlin. Bombardment of Belgrade.

July 31 – General mobilisation in Russia. State of War declared in Germany. Murder of M. Jaures.

August 1 – War declared upon Russia by Germany. Germany invades Luxembourg.

August 2 – French territory entered at Cirey by German troops. Russian forces cross German frontier at Schwidden to south-east of Biala.

August 3 – Skirmishes at the Russo-German frontier. Sir Edward Grey defines the attitude of Great Britain. British fleet mobilised. German ultimatum to Belgium.

August 4 – Ultimatum sent by Great Britain to Germany demanding an assurance that the neutrality of Belgium shall be respected. Mobilisation of the British Army.