A STROUD couple have organised and completed a group swimming challenge to raise money for those living with aphasia.

Aphasia Now set up Swim4Words, an event inviting people to swim any distance in Stratford Park pool on Saturday, May 17.

Aphasia is a disorder which affects a person’s ability to communicate, typically following a stroke, but can also occur after suffering meningitis, a head injury or operation.

Dr Jenny Dautlich DFPH, of Farmhill, Stroud, suffered with the disorder after having a stroke 14 years ago. She has since found it difficult to communicate both in her native Spanish and English.

Together with her husband of 23 years, Wilfried, Jenny has established Stroud group Aphasia Now which provides a weekly support group for sufferers in Gloucestershire.

The 20 participants swam a combined length of 20 miles and raised £2,300.