SNJ editor Sue Smith is getting into shape for an adventurous holiday.

TRIED an evening session this week with Matt my personal trainer at Fifth Dimension.

Once I had got over the overwhelming desire to head home after work in the opposite direction for a stiff gin and tonic, it was actually okay.

In fact, I went home less hungry than usual and slept like a log that night.

However, we are back to morning sessions.

Although it is painful getting up with the lark — last time I was so sleepy I drove past the health club and was almost at the M5 when I realised.

Still, it does wake me up and set me up for the day and the whole exercise process is then done and dusted for the day.

Matt introduced a few different exercises into the routine this week: a couple of bench presses using weights and, having let slip that I might be going on a cycling trip this year, we finished off the session on the bike.

Weights were introduced to the step session too.

Although I wasn’t puffed out, I definitely felt by the second repetition that I had done a good workout.

And far from being intimidated by the lycra-clad bodies of gods and goddesses it is proving to be somewhat inspiring. There's always hope.

My confidence is building with Matt, as he has obviously thought through what a woman of my age and fitness level is capable of, but at the same time he is no pushover and I never feel I can wimp out of the tasks he sets for me to complete.