STROUD District Council leader Geoff Wheeler keeps you up to date with what is happening at the council

Thursday, July 31 – Community services committee, Ebley Mill, 7pm The committee is now called the community services and licensing committee, as it now incorporates the licensing function of a previous committee. The main agenda items for this meeting were licensing related.

They related to taxis and private hire vehicles and more specifically to vehicle testing and how drivers display identity badges.

There are currently 210 licensed drivers in the district and just under 200 licensed vehicles. The council’s licensing team regulates them to ensure a safe and effective taxi service.

Tuesday, August 5 – Walled garden ‘topping out’ Work in the walled garden in Stroud’s Museum in the Park is going extremely well – helped by ideal weather conditions.

As with most building projects, a substantial amount of ‘invisible’ work has been undertaken underground but now the structure of the learning pavilion is taking shape. Friends, funders and contractors celebrated with a ‘topping out’ ceremony.

The garden will feature four distinct quarters, divided by a cross section of paths with a dipping pond at the centre. Fundraising for the project continues.

If you’re interested in donating or want to keep abreast of the project, there’s some interesting information on the museum’s website

Thursday, August 7 – Council seat up for grabs The election for a district councillor in the Valley ward of Stroud takes place tomorrow. Currently there are 50 councillors on the district council, and we will see voters go to the polls to elect a councillor following the vacancy left by former green district councillor Molly Scott Cato’s move to the European Parliament.

Summer holiday activities Last week I mentioned the council-run Kapers play schemes which provide summer activities for schoolchildren over the holidays.

Dursley Pool also has such a programme. Activities include trampolining and gymnastic tumbling and there are also sessions to help them improve their tennis, badminton and squash skills as well as sessions covering cricket and American sports. A variety of morning and afternoon games, including obstacle and relay races, netball, Frisbee, tag rugby and football are also included.

See or call 01453 546441.