AFTER reading last week’s Stroud News & Journal supplement on the First World War, a Chalford Hill resident contacted the paper to share the story of her late father’s war time service in Sudan and Egypt.

Iris Muir, 83, said : “My father was Percy Harold Young who was born and brought up in Stroud. I haven’t been able to find any trace of his wartime record but I think he joined the Gloucestershire Regiment but ended up in the Camel Corps.

“I wanted to tell his story as a lot of people think the First World War only took place in France, and the other theatres aren’t mentioned. My father was 20 when the war started, and he went out to Sudan and served in the Camel Corps, which included many soldiers from all over the world.

“There was a lot of fighting in that part of the world, with the French, Germans, British and the local people all involved, so it deserves to be remembered.”

When he returned from the war, Percy Young spent some time in hospital then worked for Marling and Evans Mills at Brimscombe and Ebley as a fettler.

He was also involved in the Second World War, being called up and working as a driver at Aston Down, as well as joining the Home Guard.

He died in 1973 at the age of 79.

“I just feel that I’m the last of my generation and it’s time to speak up for those who served during the First World War in places other than France,” added Iris.

“They seem to be forgotten but they played just as much of a vital role.”