A VETERAN of the Arctic convoys of Second World War has been honoured with the Arctic Star medal over 70 years after he served in dangerous waters.

Ken Robinson, 87, lives in Hanover Gardens, Nailsworth. He joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 17, having trained as a radio operator. His first ship, the Fort Brule, sailed as part of a convoy taking supplies to Britain’s Russian allies, under constant threat of attack from enemy aircraft and U-boats.

The chances of survival, if anyone fell into the icy waters, were remote — especially as each ship was instructed to keep going, rather than stop to pick up survivors.

Ken said: “I actually enjoyed the experience, the scenery, the ships and the comradeship. I don’t really think about it now, but I do think it’s good that our efforts are being recognised after over 70 years.”

After the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, Ken served in the Mediterranean where he survived the sinking of his ship. After the war ended, he continued as a radio operator before getting married and settling down to work on guided missiles.

Family and friends were present on Friday to see him receive his campaign medal from Tom Frost, High Sheriff of Gloucestershire.