A STONEHOUSE man accused of climbing through a sleeping woman's bedroom and molesting her was cleared by a Gloucester Crown Court jury today, Friday.

After a retirement of six hours 20 minutes jurors acquitted Robert Hinder, aged 33, of Meadow Road, Stonehouse, of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence.

He was discharged from court by Judge Jamie Tabor QC.

During the trial, a 59-year-old Stonehouse woman told the jury she was asleep in her bedroom on May 18 last year when she was assaulted. She said she recognised the attacker as Mr Hinder.

The prosecution claimed that Mr Hinder's shoe prints found on the window ledge of the woman's home proved he was the culprit.

But Mr Hinder said he had once climbed up to retrieve his son’s toy helicopter from the bungalow roof two years ago and his footprint must have got there then.

"I deny the allegation completely," he said. "I will not be linked to the complaint or the complaint’s property.

"I was at home. I live in a caravan in my parent’s home. I went to bed about 11.30pm and I woke up this morning to a knock on my door from the police.

"I did not wake up. I did not leave my caravan at any point. I don’t know why I have been named. I was not there. I did not do it and forensic evidence will prove it."

Defenced solicitor Sarah Jenkins told the jury "What the evidence doesn’t allow you to do is to tell who was wearing the boots at the time and you cannot say how long (the marks) have been there."

During a later police interview, Mr Hinder said "I have never been inside that house and I have never had any reason to go inside. It is weird. This is a set up or something because I’ve never been in that house ever."