A NEW sitcom is wrapping up in Cirencester today following two days of filming over the weekend.

The episode being shot is the pilot for a series titled KERRY, set in Cirencester and written by a brother and sister duo from the town.

Film crews working in the market place have left notices on entries to the square warning residents that if they go through the town centre they may be filmed.

Some residents were asked to cross the street while scenes were underway and a blue gazebo housed directors and other staff throughout the morning.

Signs confirmed that the filming is being done by Lucky Giant, the TV and radio comedy production unit for NBCUniversal, led by Mario Stylianides.

Stylianides has previously worked on programmes such including Fonejacker, The Armstrong and Miller Show and The Worst Week of My Life.

Actors and cameras were spotted at several locations in the town, including one scene outside the Corn Hall and another outside the Golden Cross Inn on Black Jack Street.

The crew were hesitant to add more details as the show has not yet been commissioned for a full series and may not reach our screens at all.