A CONSTANT supply of tea and biscuits was the secret to Archway student Abbie Smy’s A-level success.

The 17-year-old was one of the school’s top performers after scoring four As in history, anthropology, English Literature and an extended project in history.

Abbie is now off to Exeter University where she will be studying her favourite subject — history.

“I spent most of the last two months with a cup of tea and a book in my hand doing as much revision as possible,” said Abbie, who turns 18 next week.

“At times it was a real struggle, but I was fine as long as I had a constant supply of biscuits.”

Aspiring journalist Lianne Burnell, aged 18, was beaming while opening her results.

She had already received a text message from the University of Gloucestershire earlier in the morning confirming her place there.

Lianne’s A in art and design, A in English literature, B in geography and B in philosophy was more than enough to secure her place at her first-choice university where she will be studying English literature.

Good friends Adam Gloyne and Milan Alden, both aged 18, are off to study at the University of the West of England where they will study computer science and computer system integration, after achieving top grades in their A-levels.