WE HAVE a new plant nursery at the junction of Swan Lane and Union Street, as Spinneywell Nursery returns to the market after a lengthy spell away.

August is not a great month for selling plants (apparently), but it is good for looking at fantastic displays of colour with huge numbers in full bloom.

I have no plant knowledge, so I actually use this time of year for buying plants in flower ready to add to next year’s garden; the fact that they are blooming means I know what they will look like when they flower.

As well as the regular Windmill Nursery stall in the square, we also have the Lavender Garden, with a variety of Lavender and culinary herbs, and Tortworth Plant Nursery who come on the third Saturday of the month and are at the bottom of the organic veg aisle.

In the absence of Pippin Doughnuts (off getting married) we’ve begged the Fair and Square chocolate brownie stall to come this week so your sweet teeth won’t go wanting. The luxury sweet department will be well stocked with Sweet Hearts of Nailsworth, Must Have Muffins and Ice Cream at Brinkworth Dairy also in attendance.

Elsewhere, Croft Farm are full steam ahead into the plum crop, Days Cottage apple juice return with juices, ciders and early eating apples, Phoenix free range will have turkey eggs, Severn Spots will have salamis, hams and chorizo all made from their Gloucester Old Spot herd, David’s Chilli Oils will bring his range of rapeseed chilli infused oils and Bath Soft Cheese return for their monthly stall.