ESTATE agents across the country are beginning to embrace the potential of drone photography to improve photo and video coverage of certain properties.

These unmanned craft were originally designed for military use and have evolved to the point that small cameras can be mounted on commercially available models to provide photographs from the air.

Getting licensed to do this commercially is an involved process and involves plenty of paperwork as well as a flying test before a pilot is given the OK by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Leading Cotswold estate agents Knight Frank have begun to investigate the potential use of this technology by requesting photographs from Cirencester’s SkyCo Imaging.

James Prewett, country department associate at Knight Frank’s Cirencester office has been investigating the uses of drone photography for the business.

He said: “I think things are changing quite quickly and we see quite a lot of potential in drones.”

“It’s as much using the technology as how you edit it. We’re not photographers so we hire the best people in the industry to do that kind of thing for us.”

Although many estate agents still use cameras mounted on long poles for views from above some larger properties require a higher vantage point.

Helicopters were formerly the preferred option but advances in drone technology have meant that estate agents might have found a cheaper way.

Unmanned drones can be used for a range of tasks including surveying repairs and capturing particularly good views from unusual angles.

James explained that drones are something that Knight Frank and others are looking to have as an option to make viewings easier and more engaging.

Potential purchasers are much more likely to arrange a visit if they are impressed with what they see on one estate agent’s website than on another.

He added: “A drone video will never replace a viewing, and I hope it doesn’t, but a good quality drone video can provide a snapshot of what is there.”