PLANNING Applications registered between 04.08.14 and 08.08.14.

The under mentioned applications have been received since the publication of the previous list dated 03.08.14 may be inspected at Planning Dept, Council Offices, Ebley Mill, Stroud, Glos, (Tel:01453 754442) during normal office hours, 8.45 am to 5.00pm (4.30pm on Fridays).

Any persons wishing to make representations about any of these applications may do so in writing to the Head of Development Services at the above address as soon as possible.

It should be noted that any comments on a planning application will be treated as a public document and

will be placed on our website.

Bisley with Lypiatt: Mr Victor Day, Land adjacent to 3 Broadway, The Broadway, Oakridge Lynch, erection of a new dwelling.

Chalford: Ms Kate Baker, Glyn Cottage, Silver Street, Chalford Hill, erection of three storey side extension and alterations; Mr Gareth Brock, Woodbank Cottage, Old Neighbourhood, installation of summerhouse (2.5m width x 3.7m depth x 2.2m height) to rear; Mr D Gibson, Firwood House, Skaiteshill, Brownshill, part remodelling, alterations, first storey extension and removal of a structure, new garage block; Mr Manuel Huertas, Pine Heights, Old Neighbourhood, Lime (T1) - crown lift and dead-wood tree to raise lowest limbs up and out of the field for clearance when topping the field, remove primary limb at 2.5 m from the ground, remove primary limb at 3.5m from the ground, remove primary limb at 4.5m, Lime (T2) - crown lift and dead-wood tree to raise lowest limbs up and out of the field for clearance when topping the field, remove all growth from base of the tree, remove secondary limb to primary at 3m from the ground, reduce primary back to secondary, 3.75m height and 1m from the stem, reduce primary branch at 4m height back to secondary.

Cranham: Mr Alex Davies, Eastgate, The Knoll, revisions to planning permission S.12/1051/HHOLD, including addition of bedroom over existing garage, minor revisions to floor plans, replacement of Velux

roof lights with gabled dormer windows, new three light basement windows to front gable and kitchen rear elevation and replacement of timber cladding with render finish.

Frocester: Mr and Mrs Alan Wheeler, 1 Yew Tree Cottages, Leonard Stanley Road, demolition of outside store, construction of single storey extension (revised application to increase parapet height following permission S.14/0937/HHOLD).

Hardwicke: Mrs Kelly Alrdridge, 64 Darleydale Close, erection of two storey side extension.

Kings Stanley: Mr and Mrs V Webb, 3 Rose Terrace, removal of existing outbuildings and construction of carport and garage; Mr and Mrs Jewkes, Little Foxes, 1 Daffodil Leaze, extension to existing bungalow providing additional stories (first floor and attic space).

Minchinhampton: Mr Ian Morris, 2 The Yarn Store, Longfords Mill, proposal to install secondary glazing; Mrs J Pritchard, The Nook, Water Lane, Brimscombe, erection of a basement and two and three storey extension; Ms S Cannon, 17 Tetbury Street, alterations, new doors, rooflights, window and single storey extension.

Nailsworth: Mr D Hartridge, Hollow Stones, Nailsworth Hill, erection of sun room; Mr Matthew Partridge,

Cambray House, Bath Road, removal of condition 6 from planning permission S.11/2258/HHOLD.

Nympsfield: Mr Martin Pegler, Tinkley Farm, Tinkley Lane, conversion of old milking parlour into dwelling.

Painswick: Mrs Nicola Philimore, Hazel Mill, Slad Road, replacement of four sash windows on middle floor ( as existing); Mr Mark Schmitz, Stepping Stone Cottage, Kings Mill Lane, enlargement of existing third floor uPVC window, plus installation of new ground floor uPVC window and replacement of existing wooden framed windows with similar appearance uPVC windows; Mrs Clare Chad-Daniels, Flat 16, Gyde House, Gyde Road, secondary glaze seven windows in stone/cream uPVC units.

Pitchcombe: Mr Hamish Donaldson, Inglenook Cottage, single-storey side extension.

Rodborough: Mr Matthew Edmonds, Gravel Hill House, Brimscombe, single storey extension to enlarge kitchen and dining room, new bay window to replicate existing on main south east elevation; Mr Haynes

Windrush, 35 Bownham Park, Rodborough Common, T1 Yew - reduce height by 2m, reduce all side branches by up to 1m, T2 Beech - reduce three out of shape limbs on house side by 3-5m, raise up low branches to 5m, T3 Beech - raise up low branches to 5m, G1 Beech, Holly and Ash - fell; Mr Adam Lewis,

Lower Cheyne, Queens Road, variation of condition 3 from planning permission S.14/0428/HHOLD.

Slimbridge: Mrs Rock, Tortuga, St Johns Road, rear extension and front canopy porch to front with associated works.

Stonehouse: Mr and Mrs Simon Penna, 19A Kings Road, installation of five roof lights for loft conversion to provide an additional bedroom.

Stroud: Noble James Associates, 6 King Street, replacement signs; Mrs Tam Turek, 1 - 2 Church Street, erection of one pair of semi detached houses; Mr Geoff Woodyatt, Weavers Croft, Field Road, construction of a temporary car park for 44 vehicles in garden area within grounds of Weavers Croft, provision of temporary vehicle access between Weavers Croft and Park House; Mr and Mrs S Medcroft,

75 - 77 Bowbridge Lane, first floor and single storey rear extensions; Mr and Mrs S Medcroft, 75 - 77 Bowbridge Lane, first floor and single storey rear extensions; Mr and Mrs Nah, 1 Windsor Place, Painswick Road, replacement of rear windows.

Brimscombe and Thrupp: Mr Dave Montgomery, Martham, Cotswold Close, Brimscombe, first floor extension with raised terrace to link to rear garden.

Uley: Ms Solveig Barrowman, 1A Whitecourt, fell Ash and Plum tree.

Whiteshill and Ruscombe: Mr James Pattenden, 2 Victory Road, Whiteshill, proposed two storey extension and construction of car parking area.

Whitminster: Steve Butcher, Fromebridge Mill, Fromebridge Lane, new replacement signage and lighting; Mrs Gillian Parker, Haresfield House, 54 Uptons Garden, T1 Lime - Carry out 30 per cent reduction to previous points of entire crown, retaining shape, remove deadwood and mistletoe.

Woodchester: Mr Manuel Huertas, Chester Hill Lodge, Convent Lane, Common Lime (T1) - reduce crown by 30 per cent due to crown die back resulting in a thinning of the foliage and dead branch tips, Common Lime (T2) - remove, substantial dead wood resulting from a main branch dying back - reduce

remaining crown by 25 per cent to reinstate a balanced and well proportioned crown.

Please note that this part of the weekly list constitutes formal consultation, under the General Development Procedure Order 1995 (Amended), with the recipients.

This includes consultees such as Gloucestershire County Council and County Highways, British Waterways, Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental Records, Gloucestershire Police, National Trust and Severn Trent.

The Local Planning Authority may also consult these organisations separately on specific applications.

Notifications registered between 04.08.14 and 10.08.14.

These are applications to which Stroud District Council have been notified of.

There is no formal mechanism for consultation on these types of applications, particularly where 'prior notification' is involved.

On occasion, the case officer may wish to contact public bodies to confirm information submitted.

Bisley with Lypiatt: Mr John Burness, The Old Chapel, Tunley, Sapperton, Cirencester, Beech trees T1 and T2 - fell; Lady Felicity Lakin, Little Sherwood, Tunley, Sapperton, Cirencester, use of land as residential garden in connection with Little Sherwood.

Cainscross: Mrs Christine Ellis, 1 Kingley Villas, Cashes Green Road, fell large Pine tree.

Chalford: Mrs Z Cox, Chestnut Lodge, London Road, minor amendment to planning permission S.13/1678/HHOLD (fenestration and deletion of one balcony); Mr Marc Oboussier, Jacobs Cottage, Commercial Road, Chalford Hill, T1 Laurel - reduce by 2m, T2 Yew - crown lift on side facing Jacobs Cottage to balance other side of tree, approximately eight branches, T3 Sycamore - fell; Ms Hayley Dixon,

Rockleigh, Rack Hill, T1 Ash tree (triple stemmed) - fell only the damaged stem to near ground level,

T2 Ash tree - fell, T3 Ash tree - fell, T4 Ash tree - fell,T5 Leylandii - fell, T6 Leylandii - fell, T7 Leylandii - fell, T8/9/10: Leylandii - fell, T11/12/13 Leylandii - Fell, T14/15/16 Leylandii - fell, T17/18/19 Leylandii - fell, T20 Silver Birch - fell; Mrs Fenn Tree Maintenance Ltd, 10 The Chestnuts, The Avenue, Bussage, Plum tree - reduce height by approximately 2m, reduce lateral spread by 1m, raise crown by 1.75m, remove dead and damaged branches, Cherry tree - reduce lateral spread by 1.5m, remove dead branches and stubs, large Lawson Cypress - fell to near ground level, tall twinned stemmed Lawson Cypress - fell to near

ground level.

Eastington: Mr Peter Watts, East Lodge, Old Bristol Road, Newtown, non material amendment to S.14/0803/HHOLD, use of render on the east wall of the orangery instead of stone and removal of the decorative fascia board along the outside of the parapet wall of the orangery.

Hardwicke: Mrs Mellersh, 19 Ashgrove Close, tiled roof conservatory to rear, extend beyond rear wall: 4.2 metres, maximum height: 3.7 metres, height at eaves: 2.4 metres.

Mincinhampton: Mrs Verena Womersley, Land to the east of Glebe Farm, Tobacconist Road, non material amendment to planning permission S.14/0122/FUL; Ms Anne Sinclare, The Old Bakery, Box, discharge of condition 3 for planning permission S.13/1840/HHOLD.

Nailsworth: Mr J Ashbee, The Steppes Residential Care Home, Cossack Square, Norway Maple - reduce all over by approximately 4m, Norway Maple and Buddleia - fell.

Painswick: Mr Ian Stewart, Blakewell Farm, Edge Road, minor amendment to planning permission S.14/0711/FUL.

Rodborough: Mr Adam Lewis, Lower Cheyne, Queens Road, minor amendment to planning permission S.14/0428/HHOLD; Mr Adam Lewis, Lower Cheyne, Queens Road, minor amendment to application S.14/0428/HHOLD.

Slimbridge: Mr Ed Lewis, Land at Northfield, Dursley Road, Cambridge, discharge of conditions 6 and 7 from planning permission S.13/0123/FUL; Mr Ed Lewis, Land at Northfield, Dursley Road, Cambridge, discharge of conditions 11 and 13 from planning permission S.13/0123/FUL.

Stroud: Ms Anne Wilde, 16 Lower Street, Lilac tree - reduce by a third.

Uley: Hydegate Pet Resort Ltd, Hydegate Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Fop Street, discharge of condition 3 (materials to be used in the construction of the external surfaces) from planning permission S.13/0666/FUL; Mr Andrew Holley, St Josephs, 9 Whitecourt, reduce Cob Nut tree (Hazel) by 50 per cent; Mr Down Andrew, 20 The Green, 2 Standard Apple trees - fell, Goat Willow - raise crown to approximately 2m above ground and light prune, standard Apple tree - raise crown and prune to prevent overgrowth, Cherry tree - raise crown and prune to prevent overgrowth, Crabapple tree - raise crown and prune to prevent overgrowth, Pear tree - raise crown and prune to prevent overgrowth, Apple tree - raise crown; Mrs Cole, Stream Cottage, 16A The Street, T1 Lime - fell, T2 Corsican Pine - sever ivy and allow to die off, T4 Corsican Pine - sever ivy and allow to die off, T6 Corsican Pine - sever ivy and allow to die off, G1 seven x Beech - fell three stems closest to house.