THERE is an amusing TV advert where Alexander the meerkat tries to teach his baby meerkat how to spell using a blackboard and a large pointed stick.

As a method of getting a message across, it is not a bad example.

Perhaps we could, through a virtual board, draw to the attention of Gloucestershire County Council the following points that have been forwarded to Secretary of State Eric Pickles this week, prior to him making his decision on the Javelin Park incinerator.

Based on the statements below, answer the questions pertaining to them.

Findings from the National Audit office have cast doubt on whether the taxpayer gets value for money.

Q. Should Javelin Park go ahead?

Similar facilities have been rejected at Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

Q. Should Javelin Park go ahead?

A report published by waste consultants recently suggests the UK does not need new incinerators.

Q.Should Javelin Park go ahead?

The county council has already haemorrhaged money into this proposal despite a swathe of objection to it in Gloucestershire.

Q. Should Javelin Park go ahead?

If the answer to any of the above was yes, might we suggest the reader hasn’t read the facts properly and goes back to digest the information therein.

There is a huge amount of dissatisfaction in the UK at the moment with people being assured their opinions count when in actual fact what they are being asked to vote on is already a done deal.

Let’s hope the incinerator at Javelin Park is not a done deal and Mr Pickles hasn’t needed someone to stand in front of him with a large board to see what is already there for all to see.