ASPIRING young thespians have been busy honing their acting skills at a summer theatre school hosted at the Cotswold Playhouse this month.

The 5-day workshop, which was organised by Shine On Stage from August 4-8, saw youngsters aged between 7 and 18 practicing their singing, dancing and acting.

At the end of the week in brilliant voice and with co-ordinated moves, the young actors and actresses produced their very own show, Bridging the Gap, which was met with thunderous applause from the audience.

The youngsters were also treated to a special VIP visit from one of the cast members of the West End musical Matilda, who shared her experiences and expertise.

Not to be outdone, the younger age group of 4 to 7-year-olds performed Three Little Pigs to their families and friends on the big stage.

They too learned lots of new songs and dances and acted their hearts out wearing self-made costumes.

Shine on Stage principal Alice Jackson, said: “Talent is there in all youngsters and it is mine and my teachers’ jobs to help bring it to the fore.

“What is so satisfying is to watch their confidence grow and to know this goes well beyond the footlights into all areas of their lives.

“Through hard work and determination all these children have delivered performances which they, their families and we at Shine on Stage are so proud of. Now for a good rest until term begins in September.”

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