A THOMAS Keble School student who has struggled for half her life with type one diabetes was celebrating on Thursday after receiving nine GCSEs.

Despite being diagnosed with the debilitating disease at the age of eight, Leah Hunter was able to triumph in the face of adversity by completing her GCSEs and obtaining a set of results that included five Bs, 3 Cs and an A in art and design.

Throughout her school years, the 16-year-old, who lives in Stonehouse, has had to contend with long spells of sickness and time spent in hospital, in addition to the pain and discomfort of daily insulin jabs.

Leah, who was in hospital as recently as Wednesday, the day before results day, said: “I am diabetic type 1 and I have struggled with it for a long time. I would get ill very often and during my mock GCSEs I had to get an ambulance to hospital because I was so ill.

“I always found it difficult to catch up with work and do revision. I find it hard to concentrate in lessons and to get work done but I still managed to keep up with everyone else in my class somehow and I am really happy with my results.”

Leah, who is now hoping to go on to Cirencester College to do pre-teaching, also praised Thomas Keble for everything the school had done to help her.

"The school has tried to support me as much as they could. When I was in hospital they would get me the work I needed to catch up with. If I was ill I could always speak to them, especially Mr Dwight (the head of Year 11). I am very grateful for their support.”