WAITROSE muscle-man Will Wilton is 100 per-cent organic.

A committed natural bodybuilder, the 22-year-old scoffs seven meals a day and trains six days a week before a competition.

He recently took part in his first bodybuilding competition and finished a creditable sixth at the NPA championship and is now eyeing the UKDFBA in Leamington Spa, next month.

Bodybuilding held no interest for Will, but at 18 he found a passion for training at the Fitness Mill in Brimscombe.

He said: “Throughout school I never had an interest in the gym or weightlifting, I was more interested in music, I have played the guitar for 12 years, including performing in and out of school and was in all the Archway School musicals.

“From the age of 18 to 22 I managed to healthily and naturally increase my weight from 13 stone to 16.5 stone through dedication and hard work.”

Will is currently climbing the managerial ladder at Waitrose, but also boasts another string to his bow.

“In 2010 I got scouted by J Model Management at the Clothes Show and did a couple of shows including catwalks in Birmingham Town Hall in 2010 and at The Savoy where I modelled for Jaeger London and Paul Costello in 2011, which was a great experience.”

The 6ft 4ins Stroud strongman is adamant he will never be tempted by steroids as he looks to build muscle on his fledgling sporting career. He added: “I have never been tempted by steroids and remain completely and utterly 100% natural and compete in drug tested competitions and will continue to do so.”