A BLACK and white picture presumed to have been taken in 1956 of a lady called Doris has been found in Folly Lane and handed in at the SNJ’s offices by a regular reader.

The lost picture was found on the pavement by Uplands resident Emma Nully, 39, at around 10.30am on Monday, August 18.

Mrs Nully subsequently brought the picture in to the SNJ’s office at 6 Lansdown Road, Stroud, in the hope that we could advertise its loss and return the photograph to its rightful owner.

The portrait picture, which shows a bespectacled older lady seated on a cushioned chair, has the name Doris and the date October 1956 written on the back.

“I want it to be returned to its rightful owner because my Nan is called Doris and I thought it was a sign,” Mrs Nully said.

If you are the owner of the picture please contact the office on 01453 769421 to arrange collection, or drop in between the hours of 9am and 5pm to pick it up.