PLANNING Applications registered between 19.08.14 and 25.08.14.

The following applications have been received since the publication of the previous list dated 18.08.14 and may be inspected at Planning Dept, Council Offices.

Chalford: Building 21F, Aston Down, Cowcombe Lane, retrospective change of use of Building 21 from Class B8 to Class B2, the installation of two extract vents and associated additional parking; Leda Properties Pension Fund, Building 21F, Aston Down, retrospective application for the temporary siting of a modular building over two storeys and two no. single storey modular buildings to provide office space and W.C. facilities for staff members.

Eastcombe: Miss S Muller, Fidges Lane, demolition of existing prefabricated garage and the erection of a new double garage with ancillary accommodation over.

France Lynch: Mr and Mrs J and S Donaldson, Bidcombe Cottage, demolition of existing two storey extension and erection of larger two storey extension.

Frocester: Frocester Cricket Club, Frocester Hill, erection of a new cricket pavilion (revised scheme for S.11/0765/FUL); Mr and Mrs Alan Wheeler, 1 Yew Tree Cottages, Leonard Stanley Road, erection of a replacement garage.

Minchinhampton: Mr David Light, 1 Hampton Fields, T20 mature Beech - reduce to 8m and reduce height by 4m, T21 mature Beech - reduce crown spread from 12m to 8m including height, T24 mature Beech - reduce crown spread from approximately 14/15m to 10m, some limbs to be reduced more than others, T27 mature Beech - crown spread of 4.5m to left and 9.5m to right, reduce to 8m spread, T28 mature Beech - reduce crown spread from 11m to 7.5m from centre and crown lift by 3m, T29 mature Beech - crown spread 3m on left and 6m on right, reduce three sides to balance canopy to 4m from centre including height, T12 small Ash Tree - strip the Ivy, reduce and shape the tree and by doing so make the horizontal limb bridging the road safe, T13 Beech - fell, T14 large Beech - fell, T15 Ash - fell, T17 large Beech - fell; Ms Phillippa Burness, 52 West End, amendment to approved application S.14/0450/LBC, 1) utility room relocated, 2) walls to be demolished and rebuilt in room G.10 (old workshop/new kitchen), 3) new high level window (GW.08) in room G.08 (instead of previously approved sun pipe), 4) existing blockwork to be retained and plaster-boarded over in room G.08, 5) new (previously approved) casement windows to be double glazed; Mr Steven Herbert, Box Inn Cottage, changes to bathroom walls, remove the shower and install small wash basin, tile bathroom walls and floor, remove wash basin in bedroom and install free standing bath, replace chipboard bedroom floor with rustic oak flooring, replace modern cupboard doors in bedroom with older style doors, replace laminate floor in lounge with flag stone flooring, remove modern plaster to expose stonework and remove software fire surround, remove wall cladding in lounge and investigate condition of wall behind, replace modern doors in lounge with older style doors, move modern stud wall in down stairs toilet to increase the room size slightly, remove wash basin in down stairs toilet and fit shower to create a ‘wet room’, remove night storage heaters, remove black paint on bedroom beams to expose the original wood, replace cheap modern outside light with good quality new one, replace existing modern front door with a more rustic stable door; Dr M Ferguson, Tobacconist Road, erection of a conservatory.

Painswick: Mr and Mrs Robinson, Castle Hale, Stamages Lane, T479 Purple Beech, T481 Norway Maple, T482 Lime, T485 Norway Maple.

Stonehouse: Mrs Nicola Ginn, Oxlynch Lane, Standish, replace existing roof of concrete garage with an apex roof; Mr J Spence, Nutshell House, Church Lane, retrospective application for the erection of a stable block.

Stroud: Mr C Dummer, Hunters Way, erection of one dwelling (attached to side of 4 Hunters Close); Mr and Mrs D Orchard, Etheldene Road, Cashes Green, proposed dormer window extension to front elevation; Mr C E King, Peaked Elm Farm, Selsley West, retrospective permission for a steel portal framed agricultural cattle shed; Mr and Mrs Jonathan Tinker, Bownham Grange, Rodborough Common, minor changes to approved scheme S.13/0847/LBC; Mr J Swindell, Weavers, Quarhouse, Brimscombe, erection of single storey extension.

Notifications registered between 19.08.14 and 25.08.14.

Brimscombe: Mrs Paula Meredith, 2 Golden Valley, T1 and 42 Holm Oak - crown raise to 4m, T3 and T4 Lawson Cypress - reduce height to 4m, T5 Holly - remove upper branch, G1 group of six Holm Oak trees - fell; Robert McGrath, 1 Southview, Cotswold Close, discharge of conditions eight (Construction Method Statement) and nine (Materials) from planning permission S.14/0659/FUL.

Chalford: Mrs Andrea Saunders, 1 Over Tockshill, Abnash, three Lawson Cypress trees- one in particular has to be trimmed quite regularly as it interferes with a five-barred gate at the entrance to the property, which is shared with my neighbour, to be replaced with three Japanese Acers; Miss Anna Carus-Wilson, Brooklyn, High Street, Chalford, T1 Conifer - close to house and directly underneath power lines - fell; Mrs Marshall, Springfield House, London Road, Laurel - prune back the overhang to the wall line, large Ash tree - reduce the crown by 30 per cent, approximately 3-4m in height and lateral spread, remove all major dead wood from the gate to where the drive opens up - cut trees and shrubs back to edge of drive to a height of approximately 3m and raise the overhang to a minimum of 3m, fell small leaning Silver Birch, Yew tree and old pollarded Hornbeam - fell, second pollarded Hornbeam - re-pollard, Hornbeams overhanging Network Rail’s land - fell; Mr A Godden, 5 France Church House, Randalls Green, Chalford Hill, 2 Birch trees - reduce all over by approximately 30per cent, Varigated Maple - fell by sections.

Minchinhampton: P Burness, 52 West End, maintain internal blockwork to support rear wall, relocation of utility room, re build new kitchen walls, amendment to permission S.14/0572/HHOLD.

Nailsworth: Mr and Mrs Rand, 5 Fairview Close, Watledge, discharge of condition 3 from planning permission S.13/1564/HHOLD.

Painswick: Mrs Gillian Hill, Black Horse Cottage, St Marys Street, creation of a self-contained flat above existing hairdressing salon, including provision of new staircase access; Mr Michael Wilson, Tower Cottage, Kemps Lane, Silver Birch - remove.

Randwick: Mr Barry Parsons, Randwick Playing Fields, Chapel Fields, provide parallel rows of parking spaces in existing parking area and extra spaces next to those above the hall.

Stroud: H and L Trading Estate, Westward Road, discharge of Condition 9 (Contaminated Land) of permission S.11/1208/FUL; Mr D Sykes, 5 Burleigh View, Bussage, demolition of existing conservatory and erection single storey rear extension; Mrs Diane Bainbridge, Whiteshill Primary School, Main Road, Whiteshill, discharge of condition 3 from planning permission S.13/1555/FUL.