A NAILSWORTH councillor has criticised the district council for spending too much money in Dursley and not enough in his own town.

Writing in a Conservative Party-sponsored newsletter to residents of Nailsworth and Horsley, entitled intouch, Councillor Paul Carter is highly critical of Stroud District Council.

“Since Labour has been leading the administration of the district council it has made a number of big spending decisions,” writes the conservative councillor.

He says the district council has spent £1.4m on an extension to Dursley pool, more than a third of a million on buying a Dursley housing association and more than a third of a million on affordable housing on Dursley’s Littlecombe development.

“And what have they put into Nailsworth and Horsley over this time? Well actually nothing at all,” adds Cllr Carter.

“We’re really happy for the residents of Dursley, and support the much-needed investment in their town. But, as Nailsworth residents pay the second-highest council tax in the district, we would call for a little more fairness in council spending.”

In response, district council leader, Geoff Wheeler, pointed out that the authority had spent money on improvements to Nailsworth bus station, and that investment in Dursley pool had benefitted a large area of the district, he added.