A COLLECTION of paintings, drawings and collages by artist Jill Head will show in Stroud from Friday.

Entitled I Wonder Who’s There, the exhibition will take place in SVA’s new shop front gallery in John Street.

Jill has been painting all her life, but this will be her first solo exhibition.

“I like to create character and narratives with paint,” she said.

“It’s almost like psychology . I try to really get to the bottom of what’s happening with someone, get inside them. I’m not interested in the superficial, but what’s going on under the surface.”

I Wonder Who’s There is part of a series of mini exhibitions taking place in the SVA shop front gallery, in John Street. The gallery, which opened in May, has been designed to enhance SVA’s visibility and public access.

Jill’s show will open this Friday, from 6pm to 9pm, and then continue from Saturday to Tuesday, September 9, daily from 11am-4pm.