A RECORDING studio in Stroud has been forced to change its name following complaints by broadcasting giant BSkyB.

The company took issue with the name Skyhook Studios, saying it was too similar to the name of its own broadcast centre in West London called Sky Studios.

Now Chris Aylmer, Mike Cooling and Sarah Frazer, who run the studio in Bath Road, Stroud, have changed their name to Ragged Moon.

“We haven’t infringed any copyright and we know there are 26 businesses with the name “skyhook” in their title but we also know we’re not the only ones subject to this action,” explained Mr Aylmer.

“Instead of fighting the forced change of name we want to spend time and money supporting and promoting musicians.

“Our priority is recording and releasing great music and working with artists across Gloucestershire and the UK so we are relaunching as Ragged Moon and investing in a rebrand.”

A spokesman for BSkyB said: “Sky has made substantial investments in its brand and takes appropriate steps to protect that investment.

“We are aware of some other uses of the name “Sky” by third parties and when we come across such uses we investigate and take appropriate action.

“In this instance, we felt Skyhook Studios was too close to our Sky Studios brand and asked them to stop using it, which they agreed to do.”

The Stroud studio released The Big Issue’s Christmas single last year and also sponsor the Fringe Festival.

It has just released the first single from Stroud student Sophronie Edwards called Eyes Wide and is busy getting her bookings at music venues across the region.

The name Skyhook Studios developed after playing around with the word “hook” – a term used to describe a musical idea or phrase which makes a song work.