SPECULATION is rife as to whether Barack Obama will briefly be in the county today, Wednesday.

The US President is expected to touch down in the county at some point today before travelling to the NATO summit in Cardiff.

It is believed that America’s Commander and Chief will enter the UK at RAF Fairford, flying in on the presidential Jumbo Jet Air Force One.

On Monday, several aircraft from an elite US marines unit, which are used to support presidential movement, were spotted flying over the Stroud area.

Among them were an MV-22 aircraft and two VH60N Nighthawk helicopters.

They created much excitement when they were spotted flying over the town, in what is understood to be familiarisation missions from Fairford to Cardiff.

A police convoy, thought to be linked to the NATO summit was spotted travelling through the Cotswolds on Monday.

Motorcycle outriders and riot vans were seen escorting 4x4s with blacked out windows through Tetbury and Cirencester.

People on social media sites Facebook and Twitter reported they had to stop for the procession as it drove through the area.

At the time Gloucestershire Police said they did not know who was bring transported in the vehicles but that officers were providing support as the convoy made its way through the region.

The NATO summit, which begins tomorrow, Thursday, will be the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in Britain.

Among those expected to attend are President Obama, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, as well as leaders and senior ministers from around 60 other countries.

One of the main topics up for discussion is the escalating crisis in Ukraine and tightened sanctions against Russia.