WELL well, yet another marvellous farmers’ market awaits this coming Saturday.

As I look down the list of attendees, trying to find a story out of something, even I am amazed at the sheer variety.

Firstly I would like to highlight the stalls still fairly new to the market; ie those who have started in 2014.

A lot of people think the market is always the same but that’s not the case.

It is a slowly evolving and changing entity.

This year’s new additions, attending this Saturday include Must Have Muffins.

Jean, from Berkeley, had to wait over a year on the waiting list but eventually we were able to squeeze her in during the January/February downturn this year and she has built up a solid trade, attending every first and third Saturday and creating exciting new recipes for her customers’ delight.

Corinium Ales is a new micro-brewery in Cirencester with a range of aptly named beers including Ale Caesar III and the new Pliny the Elderflower.

Inspired by American craft ales, a love affair with British real ales, an interest in Cirencester’s brewing history and using the town’s Roman origins in name, it was set in 2012.

They brew award winning ales several times a week using a 100 litre unit called Sylvia.

Katie Crunch is attending her first market this week with a range of Woodchester made fudges which are handmade in small batches.

Liz Dart Stained Glass has only re-joined the market in the last few months after being a regular in the very early years.

Finally Three Counties Liqueurs joined this year too, offering a range of fruit liqueurs from the three counties with flavours such as raspberry brandy, Cotswold cassis, quince, sloe gin and wild damson gin.

Fans of Wil’s Smokehouse will want to know they are doing this Saturday not the second Saturday of the month as usual and other notable attendees include the Veggie Deli, The Cotswold Curer, Taena Pottery, the Beadcounter fused and lamp blown glass and the Lavender Garden Company for whom this will be the penultimate visit of the season.