A TANDEM-RIDING father-and-son and a 10-year-old who’d travelled 70 miles to take part were among the cyclists who rode in the first Tour de Stroud for Allsorts.

The circular ride has been hailed a success with more than 50 cyclists saddling up at Stratford Park to raise money for the charity Allsorts.

Organiser Nikki Michael said the 30-mile bike ride and family festival went brilliantly.

“It was fantastic. The sun came out and a few hundred people turned up, many of whom were people who aren’t connected with Allsorts. Everybody seemed to enjoy the live music and there were lots of activities to keep the children happy.”

The Stroud-based charity supports families who have children with disabilities and additional needs.

Among the riders were Max Pemberton, the charity’s sports and activities leader, and 10-year old Alex Frew who had travelled from Birmingham to join the challenge which took them through Standish, Stonehouse, Epney and Ebley.

“It was a long way for Alex to ride and I thought we might have to go and pick him up before the end but he completed it,” Nikki says: “He did so well and he loved it. Everyone gave him a huge cheer when he finished.”

Nikki’s husband Nick and son Adam, 16, rode together on a tandem, bringing up the rear of the group.

Even as their leg muscles recover Nick and Max are already planning to do the event next year.

Several local companies and supporters volunteered their time and services for free, and the Prince of Wales Hotel, near Dursley, made the teas.

The hotel has now made Allsorts its charity of the year.

The event was supported by a grant from Stroud Town Council, and the venue given free by Stroud District Council.

The total raised is being totted up but whatever funds come in Nikki says the Tour de Stroud has been worth all the work that went in to it.

“We wanted to get our name out there and raise awareness of who we are and I think we’ve done that. I couldn’t have wished for a better day.”

Visit www.allsortsglos.org.uk for more information.