MOTHER Anna Jones and her three children collected £300 to help those caught up in the continuing conflict in Gaza.

Anna and her children Thomas, four, Marie, eight and Emily, six, who all attend Woodchester Primary School spent Saturday, August 16 collecting money and raising awareness by handing out leaflets in Stroud High Street.

They collected £300 which will be donated to MAP — Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Anna, from Nailsworth, is passionate about individuals making a change and showing solidarity with the people of Gaza.

“I have followed the situation in Palestine and Israel for many years, and finally feel that Palestinians are getting a voice,” she said.

“I want to be part of that voice, and I want to give hope to the children of Palestine.

“Children growing up in Gaza are at risk of malnutrition, they are denied adequate education and many have seen their homes destroyed or demolished.

“It is time that people woke up to the reality of the very unequal power struggle.

“Palestinians in Gaza live in relative poverty in a tiny strip of land, barricaded in under military occupation, while the Israelis bulldoze their homes to build their own settlements.

“I am heartbroken knowing that I can safely put my children to bed at night, while children in Gaza live in fear of death.”

Commenting on the situation in Gaza, Stroud MP Neil Carmichael said: “I am deeply concerned about this issue.

“It is vital that Gaza’s civilian population is protected.

“International humanitarian law requires both sides to distinguish between military and civilian targets and to enable unhindered humanitarian access.”

Vigils for Gaza have been held in Stroud High Street on several recent Saturdays which have been well attended.