GLOUCESTERSHIRE’S residents are being encouraged to switch their energy suppliers en masse as part of a county council scheme to save householders money on their gas and electricity bills.

Leaders at Gloucestershire County Council say they are concerned about the impact of energy price rises, particularly on older people and those living in fuel poverty.

They are therefore encouraging residents to take part in the ‘Big Community Switch’ in order to help them reduce their bills collectively.

The Big Community Switch is a bulk buying scheme, which is based on the idea that if a large number of people want to change supplier together they are likely to get a better deal than just one person shopping around and switching on their own.

The more households that register their interest in switching, the more attractive it becomes for an energy supplier to offer a competitive price and the more likely consumers are to achieve significant savings.

Residents wishing to sign up for the big switch need to register their interest with the county council by October 13 at the latest.

Anyone interested in participating only needs to provide some basic information at this stage and is under no obligation to switch supplier.

GCC’s leader Mark Hawthorne, said: “Switching energy supplier is often the best way to save money on your bills.”

“We are continuing to support this scheme as we know the process of switching can often put people off.

“This way all you need is a recent energy bill and the Big Community Switch will do the rest of the work and hopefully get you a better deal.”

To register your interest in switching energy supplier phone GCC on 01452 42 57 57 between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or go to: