THESE amazing pictures were captured by photographer Tammy Lynn Kwan on Bonfire Night.

The main image was created between 7pm and 8pm from a viewpoint in Rodborough and the others were cropped from the picture.

It is made up of an hour's worth of fireworks being set off plus star trails in the sky above.

Lights from cars, planes and trains also streak through the picture.

“This image took me all evening to create and I had a lot of fun doing so. It is comprised of 103 photographs of 30 second exposures each covering a one hour time span of activity,” said Tammy.

“There are also a few close-ups from the main image showing more detail of the fireworks. As you can see it was a bit foggy. It was also a bit smoky from the fireworks and bonfires.”

Tammy also made the timelapse video below.  

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