ASKING prices for homes within commuting distance of London have soared in the past decade.

Research by Right Move highlights Cambridge as the city where values have risen the most – up 75.3 per cent between 2006 and 2016.

The increase has taken the average house price to £463,093 in the city. Meanwhile, in Walton on Thames, there has been a rise in property prices of 71.8 per cent to £63,811 on average.

Other areas to have benefited from their proximity to London, include Maidenhead in Kent where prices have risen by 65.3 per cent in the past decade, Leigh on Sea in Essex with an increase of 65.2 per cent and Slough in Berkshire, 64.1 per cent.

Within the past year, Bath saw the strongest growth in asking prices at 17.8 per cent to £495,491 on average.

The next biggest increase was in Wellingborough in Northamptonshire with a 14.9 per cent rise to £185,260 then Frome in Somerset with a £14.5 per cent rise to £284,478.

Right Move also looked at the average time it took to sell properties in different areas across the UK. It found that on average across England and Wales it took 64 days to sell properties.

Outside London the fastest place to sell a property was 25 days in Ockendon in Essex.

In London homes were sold the quickest in Sidcup, where the average time was 22 days.