A BELOVED and unique tradition in the small village of Randwick near Stroud will this year mark its 45th anniversary on Saturday, May 13.

The Randwick Wap is a series of events during spring which culminates in a traditional procession and festival dating back to the Middle Ages.

Various theories exist on how it began, although most villagers believe it was a celebration that followed the completion of building Randwick's parish church.

The Wap was revived by Randwick's late vicar, Rev. Nial Morrison, in 1972 and has steadily grown to become one of the region's leading annual events.

As always the procession will start at Randwick's War Memorial and wind its way through the streets the village, stopping at various locations along the way.

Among these is the Mayors Pool for the "dunking of the Mayor" and the Mayors Song – before the cheese rolling at the top of the hill.

The procession finally ends at Randwick's playing field where there will be a presentation and acknowledgment of personalities.

A spokesperson from the event said: “There will also be a variety of attractions and stalls to keep you and the family entertained.

“So join us on Saturday May 13 from 1pm and help us to keep this great historic tradition alive.”

Activities and entertainment at the Fayre will include a Falconary Display by Michael Davie, a Fun Dog Show and Drumming Workshops.

There will also be a Coconut Shy, Welly Wang, Crockery Smash and a wide variety of Stalls, Entertainment and Arts.

Evening entertainment at the Vine Tree pub starts at 8pm with the sharing of the Mayor's Jug and live music from B-Spoke, with guest performances from some of the Wap Personalities.

For more information visit their twitter: @randwickwap