A WYCLIFFE COLLEGE Spanish teacher will realise her wish of meeting relatives in South America after appearing on Who Dares Wins.

Lisa Wisbey, Head of Spanish at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, plans to travel to Venezuela to meet her uncle and cousins for the first time and visit other relatives in Brazil after sharing half of the £30,000 she won with her team mate on the BBC1 game show.

Lisa, 31, who lives in Stonehouse, has been watching the programme for much of its nine-year run, sitting at home “shouting answers at the screen” and wanting to be a contestant.

After being teamed-up with a mortgage advisor called Owen they won £15,000 between them in their first set of games, which aired on Saturday, March 11, before winning another £15,000 this Saturday, March 18. She gets another chance to extend her winning streak next weekend.

Lisa said: “I am so happy, my husband and I can now fulfil ambitions that otherwise would have taken a long time to do. We hope to go to South America this year.

“As a Spanish teacher I talk about the culture and life in South America, to experience it will be great. I went to Brazil 17 years ago and I desperately want to go back but I’ve never been to Venezuela. I’m drawn to that continent, it’s at the top of my list of places I want to go to.”

Lisa and Owen, who met for the first time when they were teamed up, were pitted against other teams and had to name films and TV shows that starred the six actors from Friends, Take That hit singles since 2006, Ryder Cup players, historic English counties with a coastline, and James Bond songs. 

Lisa only told her Wycliffe students that she was appearing a couple of days before the first episode aired.

“The kids have been ecstatic about it, they all sat down to watch the show with their parents. It’s been so nice to see the excitement and the buzz around the school,” she said.

 “It’s nice to show them things like this can happen so they should be optimistic and go for the things they want.

“It will be lovely to be able to tell them about my experience of South America when I come back and be able to say I’ve seen the things I’m teaching them about for myself.”

See how Lisa does on Who Dares Wins next Saturday, March 25, on BBC1 at 5:10pm.