STROUD District Council is calling for anyone interested in putting plans forward regarding the Subscription Rooms to act quickly.

The deadline for expressions of interest is Wednesday, April 12 and the council wants as many voices heard as possible.

Councillor Doina Cornell, vice-chair of the council’s Strategy and Resources Committee and chair of the group tasked with assessing the options for the Sub Rooms, said: "The three options we are looking at are: keeping the building under council control; allowing another organisation to run the Sub Rooms as a public arts and cultural facility; or to sell it on the open market.

“ We have already had a number of interested parties contact us, but with only three weeks to go we’d like anyone else who thinks they may have viable plans for its future to get in touch.”

Last year it was announced that the council needed to reduce its annual cost by £400,000 in order to reduce the financial pressures.

As one of the more iconic venues in Stroud there has been a great deal of local interest.

At a public meeting earlier this month the public showed their overwhelming support in favour of keeping the venue as a public run facility.

Anyone interested in putting forward their plans should email or visit the on Stroud District Council’s website.