MEMBERS of the Stroud Labour Party will meet at 6pm tonight to discuss a plan for the potential general election on June 8.

Top of the agenda will be to discuss the candidate who is best placed to challenge incumbent MP Neil Carmichael for the Stroud constituency.

With former  MP David Drew retiring following defeat in the 2015 and district council leader Steve Lydon quickly ruling himself out there is no obvious frontrunner.

However, councillor Lesley Williams remained coy when asked if she saw herself as a potential candidate and Stroud district councillor Doina Cornell has been tipped by many to take up Drew’s mantle.

It is believed a decision is unlikely to be made tonight with the local Labour Party seeking advice from the national and south west regional offices.

MPs will gather in Westminster today and are expected to back the snap general election called by Theresa May yesterday.

Labour and Liberal Democrats look likely to join the Conservative Party in supporting the election, whilst members of the SNP are expected to abstain.