STROUD Green's Sarah Lunnon describes the upcoming general election as “the most important general election of our lives” and is “basically” a second EU referendum.

Councillor Lunnon, who is the Parliamentary Spokesperson for Stroud Green Party, said: "This is basically a second referendum, Theresa May is seeking a mandate to throw us off the Brexit cliff, for a little island 1950s backward vision of Britain, we don't have to agree to it.

“This General Election provides an opportunity to create a country that is secure with decent health and social care, a country that protects its economy and its countryside from climate chaos, a country that generates safe energy, provides decent jobs and affordable homes.

“It is probably the most important General Election of our lives.”

Stroud resident and Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has said: "The Green Party is ready for this seismic moment in our country’s future.

"We will be standing candidates in every corner of this country and giving people a real alternative to the politics of the past."

Labour's Steve Lydon, leader of Stroud District Council, welcomes the election: "Bring it on, the people of Stroud will have this opportunity to show their opposition to the Tories who are wrecking our NHS, causing record amounts of people to live in poverty and a national housing crisis."

Mr Lydon has stated he won’t be a Labour parliamentary candidate in the election.

Stroud Conservative MP Neil Carmichael will be running for re-election in his constituency and has responded to the announcement by saying: "I’m ready for a fight in the General election

“I was surprised by the decision, but its right to give the people a say on the future

“She made a bold move to call the election but I think it is the right thing to do.”