A GARISHLY decorated shop in Stroud high street has been told by the district council to apply for retrospective planning permission.

Fone Revive which has decorated its front entrance with orange and green, shiny plastic only appeared in the last two weeks and is getting a lot of negative attention.

Stroud Town Council has received a number of complaints from angry residents saying the design is not in keeping with the rest of the high street and Juliet Shipman of Stroud Civic Society agrees.

She said: “It looks hideous, none of it fits with the high street and it looks really out of place.

“It’s situated right next to Moonflower which is a beautifully decorated shop but now it is being overshadowed by that monstrosity.”

However, manager of Moonflower Lise Hooper was just pleased another empty shop has been filled.

She said: “It would have been nice if the colour wasn’t quite so bright but to be honest an empty shop looks far worse than what they’ve done next door.”

The town council reported Fone Revive to Stroud District Council (SDC) recommending urgent enforcement action was taken.

SDC obliged and have since confirmed that Fone Revive should have applied for outline planning permission and must now apply for retrospective planning permission.

In the meantime the shop front will be allowed to stay as it is but the public are able to object directly to SDC.