UKIP Stroud released a statement today about the upcoming general election, they have called the Prime Minister "opportunistic" for calling an early election and believe that remain supporter Neil Carmichael can't be trusted to deliver Brexit.

They said: "Here in Stroud Neil Carmichael MP, being a remain supporter, who sits on a small majority of 4,866 and with 33,618 of the electorate in the constituency voting to leave the EU, can the electorate really trust him to deliver what his party and leader want to deliver?

"With Labour imploding and many of its core voters saying they will not be voting Labour whilst Jeremy Corbyn is leader.

"The electorate need a strong voice, that voice is UKIP.

"We have, as a party, been planning for such an event and only UKIP can deliver a clean, efficient and genuine Brexit.

"The Candidate selection process to select our candidate for the Stroud constituency is underway and further announcements will follow in due course."