THE Liberal Democrats have announced a £1.1 million injection into Gloucestershire’s education system as part of their election pledges.

It plans to increase the amount of money given to local authorities in the county from £360,000 to £1.1 million, the Lib Dems state that their aim is to give children and young people a brighter future.

The added cash would see £1,000 allocated to each pupil in the county per year for early years purposes, triple the amount from 2015/16.

This cash is for nurseries, preschools and school receptions to be used when they take on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Stroud Max Wilkinson, said: “We will give children in Stroud a brighter future, by investing in those from more deprived backgrounds to give them the best possible chance in life.

“This forms part of a package to build a fairer Britain and ensure no child or young person is left behind.

“The Liberal Democrats will provide a strong opposition to this Conservative government and stand up against cuts to local schools, hospitals and regional funding.”

Some of their other pledges include a new ‘Rent to Own’ model for first time home buyers, they state that each monthly payment would buy you a share in the home.

This would be followed by a national pledge to build 300,000 homes a year.

The Lib Dem’s would also restore Housing Benefit for 18-21 year olds, bring in a young person’s bus pass which would grant the owner a 66 per cent discount on single and return tickets, and reduce the voting age to 16 for elections and referendums.

It would extend free school meals to all primary students and promote breakfast clubs, double the number of businesses that take on apprentices and reverse cuts to frontline school and college budgets by introducing a fairer national funding system.