KEITH Allen has put up an anti-Conservative banner on the side of his new nightclub in Stroud.

It is only a short walk up the road from the Stroud Conservative Club, the banner is at the top of Cornhill.

The banner reads: "Care for the elderly... Expensive.

"First time buyer... Expensive.

"Gas, water, electricity... Expensive.

"Cost of food... Expensive.

"A privatised NHS... Expensive.

"Cost of voting Conservative on June 8

"Your children's future!

"Stop the rot!"

A Labour activist went to the site to put up a smaller campaign sign, but Keith decided to get a much bigger sign up on the side of his building as well.

The activist said: "He's a local business owner, and he knows of the need to defeat the Tories because of their damaging policies."

Keith, with Lotte Lyster and Tom De Brabant, will be opening his nightclub and bar at the site of the former Twisted Fix in Nelson Street.