YOGA teacher Tanya de Leersnyder is celebrating a decade in business.

Since launching her business in Stroud 10 years ago, Tanya has taught 10,000 yoga students, given 1,000 massages and also produced 400 litres of her own aromatherapy products.

 She hosts seven yoga classes a week, including a men-only class, from complete beginners to advanced, welcoming people of all ages with the oldest being 75-year-old Alice Campbell from Lansdown, Stroud.

But Tanya didn’t start her working life teaching yoga. She was a computer programmer for 20 years - qualifying as an aromatherapist, gaining an Open University psychology degree and practicing Iyengar yoga, all in her spare time.

 Moving from South Africa to Stroud with husband Guy and daughter Gabby in 2007 gave Tanya a chance to completely re-think her working life.

She trained as a yoga instructor and launched her own Kalya yoga and aromatherapy business.

“You need to have practised Iyengar yoga for at least three years before you can train as a teacher,” she said.

“I am absolutely passionate about yoga and the amazing benefits on a physical and emotional level. I am probably fitter than I was when I was 20!

 “As an Iyengar yoga teacher, I take my ongoing training and development very seriously. I practice for at least five hours a week, attend a weekly teachers’ class and an annual convention. I am working towards higher levels of certification all the time.”

Tanya developed her own skin-soothing aromatherapy blend when her daughter had eczema as a baby, and now sells her popular range of 10 Kalya products at Stroud farmers’ market, online and in shops across Gloucestershire. See